this is me now


from my road trip last fall

Mom came to see me do "Fiddler on the Roof" 5---yes 5--- ffelt that i was back in high school with mom seeing me in all my shows.....then she went to Lago Vista to visit eden for a few days---then i got to go and visit for a day before bringing mom back---had tickets to KOOZA ((cirque del sole)) that night courtesy of my lovely husband.she played with my puppies and they played with her.

 took  to Mom to Joe's Crab Shack---where they make
 sure she is ready and prepared for her meal.       Kooza was typical jaw-dropping effects

 Bill took me on a trip home from the restaurant-----loved the blowing hair! it was great.

mom davd and i all went to see Kooza---great show!

bill was also a little appalled at the amount of food i brought home---my husband will be thrilled!


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