this is me now


major catchup from last fall

cannon in his winter coat!

JOnas and his brothers were thrillled to come up and play with the doggies

this is me and Belinda Hardee (fruma Sarah) in our Fiddler get-ups--from 2012----sorry its catchup time
 we spent a few days in Mesa with the Edwards family----drinking their green smoothies----hearing them play their cellos and pianos and violins----applauding their smelling
 megan gave me her bedroom for a couple of days-----almost i snuggled with eeyore a time or two
 this was an amazingOrgan Stop Pizza place that made me happy-----the guy played all songs---all the stops---no music-----thats what i want todo when i retire! sorry that it is sideways

 this should be a picture of blake or macy----but apparently megan sneaked in again!
this doesnt belong here---ashley ensign gave me these the next night in provo
 amy, macy and mom and i went to see the gilbert temple---unfinished----still beautiful
 time for school (madi is already gone)---ben, blake, grandma, megan,. macy and mom
 madison and mom with brownie enjoying the attention from grandma

 theres macy eating at the table!  yay macy!
every night we got a green smoothie---and it was delicious----i think we shall set a knew tradition
mom and i had a great time throughout all this time together---spent a lot of time at airports and renting cars---but it was well worth it!
 my cousin Sue and I have the ability to be gone for a long time and just pick up----she is a treasure
 we took out the byu students to Olive Garden---had a great time with Alex, Jake, Brian and Ashley
                                                                      Brian and Ashley
 mom and jake comparing what should be ordered

sideways picture of mom and the byu grands
we were on our way to Northern California for granddaughter Amber's wedding---hmmmm---mere---where are your pictures of that?

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