this is me now


I am happy today for the sunshine

for the skies of gray or blue
for within my heart is the song of love
ill sing i'll love i'll do

I do have a lot to be grateful for

health....well...other than my foot
family...well other than that whole ace being gone thing
family close....well...if you consider 4 hrs away close
wisdom of I get older I see with different eyes...well...maybe I just need new glasses

I have a calling that I love....primary piano player----I get to play with octaves and embellish the written music----
I have a job that I love.... Ethics Musical Comedy
I have family that I love regardless----and loves me regardless----
wisdom of ages-----I really do see things better---broader----softer
I have a husband that is the salt of the world----adds all the flavor in my life.

i'm very grateful.

 and I know I have a choice to be a crayon drawn happy face-----or a scowling bitter old ----albeit very well put together-----old woman.


Piter and Heidi said...

Give me that Purple crayon smile any day!!! :)

Nana Celeste said...

I too am a primary pianist. I have been looking for the words and music to the I Am Happy Today for the Sunshine song and music for ages. I have the old Sing With Me songbook but could not find it in there. Can you help? Please email me at Thank you so much Celeste

Gwendolyn Larsen said...

I am happy today for the sunshine,
For the skies of gray or blue,
For within my heart is the song of life--
I'll live, I'll work, I'll do.

No cloud may cast a shadow
Over courage such as mine.
So I'll sing my song as I go along--
I'll live, I'll work, I'll do.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I've been looking for this song that I sang as a young child.

MaryJo Snyder said...

I too am a Primary worker. My older friend reminded me of this song and it keeps going through my head! I remember singing it as a child but never learned all the words. I love Ethel melody and would like to find the music. Thanks for your post! Love the smile!