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things you forget

i consider myself pretty much an EXPERT in delivering watching my daughters deliver being right outside the room (or on an airplane travelling TO the hall outside the room) while they deliv....well, while their DOCTOR delivers....okay---you know what i the last two years---i have had an experience or two.

so, you think i would remember everything about those first few days---first week of

now---i only DELIVERED one baby myself---leah and lyric were both 8 days old---practically potty-trained when they arrived in our family---ace was 3 months, sam was 14 months and molly was 20 i did miss out on most of their 'first few days' events.....

anyway....these are the things i am always surprised at---and shouldnt be....
  • newborn babies sleep---all the time---so the new mother thinks "wow---this isnt so bad"---yeah---just wait---the newborns wake up.
  • newborns are puffy
  • it is entertaining to just sit and hold a newborn and watch her/him often can we say that in our life? (NEVER)
  • nursing begin with.
  • bodily fluids....everywhere
  • muconium diapers----ew
  • nothin cuter than miniature clothes....well---newborn diapers are cuter...okay---nothin cuter than newborn diapers...BEFORE they are used (see above)
  • you get NOTHING takes two to diaper, bathe, dress.....
one thing new mothers shouldnt forget---and we (i speak only for myself) as experienced mothers NEVER forget-----they grow so fast.


Michelle said...

It's all true. I'm done giving birth to babies. I hope my daughters decide that giving birth to babies is what they want to (and should) do...someday. We've got to get them grown up first, though.

Katie said...

I just got a pack on newborn diapers...had to open it to oooh and ahh over how tiny they are. Can't wait!