this is me now



had a great week---spent 5 days in missouri doing shows---4 in st louis and one in Kansas City---stayed at wonderful hotels---ate great food-----had great audiences---fun times----flew from St louis to Orlando---got to spend a bit of time with my baby and her baby...then Lyric went to the Orlando Temple and we got to go with her ( She and Ben will be sealed on may 14, 2011 in dallas)
anywa----dave and i get on a plane--fly from orlando to chicago to dallas----our plane was late leaving orlando---so we were hurrying to our chicago connection----we are carrying multiple bags---trying to put one in another ---one bag had broken a strap for the LAST time----checking thru our larger carryons----i'm reaching up on our plane going to dfw---putting carryons in the upper bins....and

hmmmmmm? whats that feeling?  what?  really?  um.....eyes dart around to see if anyone else notices? nope----i'm pretty invisible---but i laugh out loud.....sad that noone notices----but i sure do! what a strange feeling!

okay----i'll let you in on bra had unsnapped--totally undone--somehow----sometime----so i had scurried from one plane to another, reached up and down moving bags----AND NO ONE NOTICED THAT I WAS GOING COMMANDO---UNENCUMBERED----FREE TO THE WIND!  except me---i hate that feeling----but it was a little fun to be so 70's retro----like being in on a secret that no one around you knows---and giggling out loud...then looking around to see if anyone noticed i giggled.......nope.

maybe next time it will NOT be an accident!


Princess Mommy said...

hahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha i couldnt even imagine!!

Lyric said...

that is hilarious! and you are wrong mom! i wouldn't be embarrassed! sounds comfortable to me!

Ashley said...

That is so funny! I wish I could go commando - definitely not at this stage of pregnancy though - those babies are getting ready to be used!

Rondi said...

I wish so much that I had been in the airport when this happened to you. I think I would be peeing my pants from laughing so much. Did anybody get to take a video? I would like one if they did!!

Christie said...

I'm right there with Jasmine!