this is me now


sympathetic pregnancy?

i have two pregnant daughters....up until 3 (REALLY----CAN IT BE THREE WEEKS ALREADY) weeks ago, i had 3 pregnant daughters....and i have like 763 nieces and friends that are pregnant

i have so many things to blog about---havent even talked about christmas---it was great-----full of diapers and babies and naps and memories---and i took pics---but then came january---and we went to the rodeo---i aged a year----sam came home to visit for his bday (we share the same)---all very nice----then february hurried thru---plagues on Lyric had me breathing for her...then MISS STINKIN ELIZABETH ANN HALL was born---yeah---i have a grandDAUGHTER....still adore my boys OF COURSE...and physically need a grandbaby fix more often than not.....hit up my first mardi gras beads....doin shows....

but thats not what i'm writing about.


i cry.  i weep.

all the time.

of course at cheesy commercials.....and game show/reality show big winners---duh.
but even more....i cry at the THOUGHT of things...happy....sad....important....inane (look it up)....tears flow.

February was huge....see above...good/bad/healthy/ dad gone 10 years....cried
March is big....going to the temple with Lyric in Orlando....will cry---crying now thinking about it
April---hmmm....maybe not cry---oh, no----Beth is being blessed---will cry
May....BIG crying month....mothers day---happy/sad/melancholy tears....Lyric & Ben & Milo are being sealed....OH MY GOODNESS....get my hankie out now....

can i blame it on leah and lyric being pregnant---i live vicariously thru my children---so maybe i can blame all the tears on them...hormones and all...
do you know that talking about pregnancies would have brought me to tears 30 years ago?
and my cravings....for chocolate, lately for all things cheeseburger-y....can i blame that on sympathetic pregnancy-related....okay---this one only if i can say i've been sympathetically pregnant for thirty/twenty/insert single digit here years......okay----cant blame that.
i'm losing weight....hmmmm...okay---that has nothing to do with sympathy---i just thought i would mention it....

this was a lot more clever in  my mind....

i'm tearing up ...laughing at my silliness.
join me....and hand me a tissue.


Michelle said...

It seems that all the things you are tearing up over are good things (except maybe Mother's Day--I'm beginning to get that it's a day of mixed feelings). I hope your tears continue to be happy ones.

Rondi said...

I'm so sorry that you are crying so much. But, wow, what a few months you have had and are going to have. That's a lot for a mom and grandma. As for me...just running away pressures, no disappointments, lots of quiet time, a good book. Want to come?

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Wow, I must be sympathetically pregnant too. Thanks for the I must go find a baby to hold. ;)