this is me now


i dont sew---but i rouche!

...i dont sew---i know HOW---but its not something i like to do---i'm not a finisher----i'm not detailed enough---my motto is "close enough"---not the best philosophy for sewing....(or being a doctor---or a bomb-maker)---
but, dear followers....i do DO....i crochet, modge-podge (i probably should be linking all of these to lovely examples of my work---but as i said before---i'm not a finisher), i craft....
                              AND NOW! I ROUCHE!

was googling (as i do REALLY WELL) around---saw a diy (thats do-it-yourself for you non-crafters/non HGTV watchers) for "big tee to maternity tee"----
did that say MATERNITY!? one of my FAVORITE words right now!
you take a tee-shirt (who really spells it that way----its t-shirt) that is 2 sizes too big for your preggeress (thats for you, Lyric)----rouche the sides----VOILA! (rouche is the gathering on the sides)...hmmmm---probably should include a picture of rouching right here....but...yeah---you know....

anyway, so i tried it
                                                                  i rouched
....not on just one t shirt-cause if it works for one---then 2 would be better, 3 would be great and

                8  WOULD BE TREMENDOUS!

leah and the boys were up visiting---(have i mentioned that she is pregnant?)----so i had her be my model and maternity-clothing consultant (she's an expert)
so i rouched  a man's t-shirt,  a v-neck, a pattern, and a few solids....
                                                            LOVE IT
and will do more---maybe one for if you see me in a rouched shirt----yeah....i did it.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Those look awesome! (not to mention your gorgeous model) :)

The Husband said...

Cute! And of course Leah is just adorable. I've noticed at all the maternity stores that ruched shirts are "in". BTW, I think that is how it is spelled instead of rouched.

Ashley said...

Ugh, that was me.