this is me now


Dear friend...well....person in her ward....

...of my daughter
   .......that just gave birth
       ......that lives in a small apartment
           ......that has no children your daughter's age

thank you for helping her by watching her son a couple of times while she went to doctor's appointments.
thank you for being her visiting teacher.

she was trying to think of a way to thank you

you wanted to go to a Mardi Gras grounded your 8 yr old daughter from the left your 8 yr old daughter at her apartment 10 days after MY daughter gave birth---you said you wanted her to learn service, so could she come over and help you with my you didnt---you wanted my daughter to babystinkinsit your daughter....DONT GROUND YOUR KIDS FROM SOMETHING YOU WANT TO GO wanted to leave her for 5 hours---my daughter negotiated you down to 2 hrs....your daughter was bored after 10 minutes....and my grandson went down for a nap 1 hr in...and your daughter wanted to be entertained---not to entertain a 2 yr old....she has a 2 yr old brother---she is bored by 2 yr olds.  my daughter is too nice to say no.....but she wont be next time.

pretty sure you are even now.


Princess Mommy said...


Lyric said...

bah. that's just a lame situation all around. it's like, hello-I was grateful for everything you did for us...until you had a seriously unreasonable request!


Ashley said...

When Rae was about three we regularly watched an eleven year old girl (Roy home taught her single mom) This wasn't the type of girl that liked babies and kids - so she was SO bored.

If I were Jasmine I would have said "she can come for two hours but have her bring a movie!"

Katie said...

I can think of very few people I would want in my house for hours, 10 days after I have given birth, and someone else's 8 yr old kid definitely doesn't make the list.

Caroline said...

Jasmine is perfection. She really is! That woman would have had a few very choice words had she tried to have me "teach her daughter service" 10 days after I had major abdominal surgery and a baby. They probably would have been something like "Heck no, you moron." Only not so nice.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Nuh-uh! I can't believe that lady did that!

Rondi said...

Only you could get away with writing a blog like that. You are funny, interesting, cool...and a great mother who cares about her daughter who was being used.

Christie said...

Oh, the memories that brings back of babysitting an 8 year old all day when Elizabeth was an infant! She was a really bratty, spoiled 8 year old, too!

Dora said...

What a selfish woman, to ask such a thing. Surely she also got her comeuppance, in the form of having to leave the Mardi Gras in such a short amount of time.

You do such a great job of creating colorful re=enactments. Thanks for sharing!