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Lest you think that it is only Kisses that I obsess over----nay I say----it is anything new---

In Utah (I looked at Albertson's here, didnt see them) they have restaurant Craver Pringles---so we bought one of each can and served them as hors d'ouevres to Spencer & Corinne Speirs---made them guess the flavors---most were really good---here's the rundown-
Twice baked potato---once you knew the flavor, you could pick it out---not bad---but they flavored a potato to taste like a potato? hmmm?Mexican Layered Dip---totally got it---you can taste the guacamole and the sour cream---very close to the real thing without having to do all that exhausting dipping!Onion Blossom---the best---you taste the dip that the restaurant serves---really really goodCheeseburger---you get the grilled taste---but not much more than that.Mozzarella sticks with Marinara sauce---this one didnt do anything for me---you could taste the breading---but that was about the only flavor you tasted...altho Joe said the only thing we were tasting was the WONDERFUL msg that coated each and every chip! and we love us our msg.Jalapeno ---fairly hot---not my favorite---but it had a good flavor this is spicy guacamole---it was major green---had a pretty good flavor
and Buffalo Hot Wings (hmm, where is the picture of this one?)---not as hot as you might think---a nice kick to it....there are lots of other newish flavors of Pringles---but these were cool...and I havent seen them in our area yet!


Olivia Carter said...

I am SO trying these out!

James said...

I don't know about some of these. Some flavors just aren't the same without the texture. I have seen some of these at the Super Wal-Marts in Midland/Odessa, so we do have some civilization vaguely nearby.