this is me now


mmmm...the music & the motion

This is the LD Bell Blue Raider band's show this year----I'm travelling with Ace this weekend to meet up with Jasmine & Lyric to see them compete at BOA Houston----
On Saturday, October 4, Kathleen Hill & I spent a lovely evening watching 13 marching bands---at BOA Arlington---a contest---neither of us have kids marching in any of the bands there.



Michelle said...

You ARE a nerd! Sounds fun to me, though! I hope I do fun things like that when I don't really have to someday!

PS--I'm glad you finally posted. I was missing your world.

PPS--It was good to see you!

AnonymousPrincess said...

*sniff* Im so proud of you! You posted so much!

Michelle said...

The Quest...hmmm...sounds like the BYU football team's motto this year...very interesting

Carrie Nicole said...

hahah this made me laugh.