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cake balls

here is the recipe for cake balls----labor intensive but very easy to make---


any cake mix---your choice of flavor

any frosting---your choice of flavor

2 pckgs of almond bark---white or dark

make cake per directions on box

when the cake is done let it cool a little---then dump it in a bowl and crumble it totally.

When its cool---add the entire tub of frosting...mix well.

Freeze for about 1 hour.

Take a small melon-baller and form SMALL balls of dough from the mix---no bigger than 1" round....put these on a cookie sheet on wax paper.

Freeze for about 3 hours.

melt almond bark in microwave or double boiler----dont let ANY water get in bark---it will be ruined.

dip balls in almond bark (use toothpicks or spoons or skewers---this is the part that takes some getting used to to figure out your best way).

you can melt 3 squares at a time of the bark to keep it melted---you can also just roll the dough in your can also just dip the top of the ball in the almond bark.

possible combinations of frosting/cake:


german chocolate/pecan coconut frosting

mint chocolate/chocolate


red velvet/white frosting

cherry cake/white frosting (or cherry) with chocolate bark

the possibilities are endless

the balls are VERY rich---you cant eat a lot

you can put sprinkles on immediately after dipping before the bark hardens.

you want them to end up being the size of truffles or chocolate cordial cherries


Linda, Mom and Granny said...

Mmmmmm...I will try it for the next time for a church activity! Thanks for recipe and the tips!

Tami said...

Aren't these fun to make? Cake balls are all the craze right now! I have Halloween cake balls on my blog right now.

Michelle said...

Yum! They sound like good neighbor gifts for Christmas this year! (But then, they'll miss my gingerbread men--maybe both?)

Carrie Nicole said...

i am going to have to try that someday when i have time to do it. they look delightful!

Cathy said...

ohhh i am definitely going to have to try this!!

Christie said...

Looks like something I'd like to eat, but too much work for my taste ;)

marc said...

and you are telling me this because?????? I will come, you will make, I will complain about the calories...but eat them anyway.
You could do this with ice cream and have your own Dibs!
I'm at Marc's . love, mom

Cathy said...

Im going to try these tonight. I hope they turn out!!

Christie said...

My mom is visiting right now and made these with orange cake mix and white frosting with chocolate bark. Yummy!