this is me now


Meredith! Where have you been!?!?!

Hi all! I know---its been too long---so I hope to catch you up---not with a elongated diatribe (see my previous post on big words)---but with a series of topic-specific posts---so--lets see---where were we---oh thats right---Lyric left me....
DancingMoose did a show for the Air Force in Ontario California----(humming "California, Here I Come")....felt totally like the big-time! here are some pics from the airplane---very cool.
Isnt this a cool cloud formation! I thought of Marcia V as I took this picture---not nearly as good as she would take---but it was great to look at---we are a bit star-struck as we begin this travelling cross country for the show.
This is from the window of the airplane as we flew over the mountains---all this travel is very cool---dont know at what point it will be a bother!....restaurants, hotels.....trips are mostly over-night---altho for one trip (San Antonio to Corpus Christi to San Antonio) I was doing laundry in my hotel room's bathroom sink and hanging it outside to dry! We do shows about 2 weeks out of the month---then off for two weeks.


Lyric said...

wow. these pictures are gorgeous.

i left you? hardly! i came back TWICE :)

Katie said...

Wow! I don't check your blog for a couple of days and then all this! Glad to see you are back at it and it looks like you have been having fun.