this is me now


30 minutes in a line---

okay--I VOTED YESTERDAY...purely out of anger and a little here comes my rightful diatribe.

1. i have the right to not vote if i'm not thrilled with either candidate....i have that right.
2. i voted against something---not for anything...that is a frustrating circumstance.
3. i had to wait in line for 30 minutes to vote----that is a sign from above that i shouldnt have bothered (see previous post about my agreement with God re:voting)
4. i voted because i understand that i should.
5. i voted because i'm tired of being told i am naive or blind or ignorant because socially, i am part of the conservative religious right.
6. i voted even though i'm disenfranchised----Obama is very charismatic, but i have no hope that he will be able to back it up with a spine---and i feel sorry for him, because in 2 years he will be blamed for all our problems---most of which are the fault of the previous congri (my word for plural congress) and administrations (yes---not just bush, but clinton, george h.w., reagan, carter----our lifestyle choices go way back folks) and we as a society and our desire for the easy road and mortgaging our future for something today. McCain isnt charismatic enough---and Palin hasnt given me much to build on since she stepped into the limelight---i still like her---but i needed more.
7. i voted against hollywood and social liberals telling me that i'm not cool or compassionate or smart if i dont support their candidate.
8. i voted so i CAN complain for the next 4 years...and i will.


Olivia Carter said...

Hurray for voting I'm a BIG BELIEVER... who ever people are voting for.

AnonymousPrincess said...

You tell 'em mom!!

jackson family said...

dear merf. I sit here eating these so called yummy hershey kisses.
cand corn...decent
pumkin....felt like I was eating my house(It smells like pumkin)
carmel...I will eat it but not my favorite.

also I agree no good canidate so vote for your party and hope for the best?but why do you get to vote so early?

Meredith said...

texas has early voting for about 3-4 weeks before the actual date---there are limited polling places---so the lines can get long---but if you arent available on Nov 4, then it works---you can also mail it in.