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I went up to Utah to see Leah & Joe---spent 6 days---Leah & I did a lot of baby shopping and chatting---IKEA, Babys R Us, Walmart, Burlington Coat a moth to the flame...every store....found this terrific Teddy Bear rug (the nursery is animal theme) at Costco! could not resist! It matches her curtains for the baby's room! They found this dresser ready for trash---Joe fixed the broken drawer and painted it---he painted this tree for Raider's room! I am very impressed

......we sewed burp cloths one night. She is still working, so there was a couple of days where I milled around at their apartment while she was gone....I walked around their neighborhood a bit...did lots of dishes (they have no dishwasher---I remember those days--yuk). Leah is due in 31 days! she gave me permission to put up these belly pictures---she is all straight out front---I got to feel Raider move (not his name---but it is what we have called him the entire pregnancy---see my earlier post regarding marching bands)---we got pedicures for her tired feet...we did way too much walking and her feet started swelling--so we curtailed that, a bit--- Joe is working two jobs and goes to school full-time (taking 4-5 science classes---double yuk!)---They are both so tired but happy---not gonna get too gooey here--they both work so hard for everything they have and appreciate every little thing they get---their ward and friends are very supportive---up in that cold wasteland--Leah and I talked a lot about if you start too high on the hog then you dont appreciate the baby-steps up the food chain (i know i just mixed up my metaphors, but you get my drift).
I had nosebleeds EVERYDAY in Utah---so dry! Got to see my two aunts, Margo & Lil and some of my cousins---we had a fun lunch together at Margo's, my mom's older sister. These are my lovely feet enjoying the absolutely divine Utah grass---my shoes came off every time I saw the opportunity to walk on real grass.
Leah, Lil & I went to the Women's Conference at the Conference Center in Salt Lake---I scored the tickets because I was from Texas. Lil is my mom's oldest sister...her daughter got to sing in the choir for the conference. That was great.....although during the last minutes of the last talk, by President Uchtdorf I gushed a nosebleed---yuk----no pics of that.Saw this sign in downtown Salt Lake---"Jack Mormon's Coffee Co---This is the Place for Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans"---how funny is that!
Sunday after church, Leah, Joe & I went to see Eric & Michelle Moulton and family---that was wonderful---Matthew (newly 12--new deacon!) looked at me as I walked up to their door and you could see the recognition come over his face like "oh, yeah! that's Sister Jeppson, but why isnt she in Texas?!" They all look great and it was wonderful to see them again. On the drive to and from the Moultons, we talked baby names---that was fun---Joe was much more relaxed on Sunday than during the week----no homework will do that to you. Then Sunday night, Spencer Speirs and his wife, Corinne, came over for stew and games. (I put a stew in the crock pot that morning---It was also requested that I make stew when the hurricane evacuees came up---hmmmm---comfort food?)
Monday night in Utah we went over to some friends in Joe & Leah's ward and Joe made sumtam (spelling?)---Thai food. It was delicious----this coming from someone who likes bland as all get out bland food....Leah & I had gone to a Thai grocery store to get the ingredients...Joe did all the cooking. It was lovely to see Joe & Leah as a couple anticipating being a group so soon. I will go back up when Raider arrives....with a new name probably!


Olivia Carter said...

Gosh she looks so cute & so happy! I can't wait to meet the little guy! Make sure to call me & let me know when to bring over a meal!

Christie said...

Wow! I can't believe she's due so soon. Other people's pregnancies go by so quickly!

Carrie Nicole said...

Oh that is so soon! yay! looks like you had a great time there! she is still looking good! I can't believe she is wearing jeans. I can't stand to wear jeans anymore. (ps- cathy babysits a boy whos real name is raider. they are true tech fans!!)

Cathy said...

she looks great! what a fun trip! do you have pics of the rest of the nursery?