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Gustav....and Ike

Happy Birthday David! You are old enough to rent a car! and be a daddy!
Be careful what you pray for....I wanted to celebrate David's 25th birthday. David's birthday was August 30...Jasmine had plans for the whole weekend to celebrate his special day---then Gustav announced he was on the way...Gustav is not a baby---he's a hurricane... So David, Jasmine and Lyric came up and we celebrated David's birthday with a trip to Joe's Crab Shack and an Italian Creme cake (his favorite), James & Iva Hall (David's parents), Deanna & Kelli (his two sisters), Richard (Deanna's beau) and Lionel, a family frien, all came up a day later...ARENT WE GLAD WE HAD GUEST ROOMS! :) (See previous post about my LD Bell Room)...Gustav ended up not really doing anything around Beaumont---so they all headed back down to Beaumont.
While they were here, we stayed up WAY too late one night playing "Farkel"---we even had a medal ceremony---Jasmine got gold, Ace got silver & Coach got bronze---Jasmine really cried as we sang "The Star Spangled Banner" (pregnancy hormones to be sure)
Then, two weeks later---they were all back up for Hurricane Ike---the real thing! Lyric, Jasmine & David stayed with us----the rest of David's family stayed at hotels in the area---but we played---David & Coach (David's father) (funny how I assume you know which David I am talking about) went fishing---twice---here are the nasty fish they (and by they, I mean my David) caught---and we played games---fun nights full of new games and old favorites.and by play I mean my david won Acquire---we watched the storm do its damage in their hometown.

This is Jasmine & David doing what evacuees do----watch and wait! (notice my lovely floor!)David went back to Beaumont to see how Valero (his job) gets a refinery back online--Jasmine slept---lots-Jasmine & Lyric got to stay nearly another week---plenty of time to make cake balls for my Gospel Doctrine Sunday School class---Lyric was able to work at the hospital for a few days (yay for good relationships with old bosses)...then they too headed back down---their homes were safe---Coach & Iva lost a fence to a tree---but they all fared better than so many. We dont like Ike. So now, be careful what you pray for---cause you might get two hurricanes!


Michelle said...

Fun times! How do you make cake balls?

Olivia Carter said...

That looks like fun. Olympics for you games- I gotta do this with the Carters!

Not to mention I've gotta try those cake balls. They look good!

Carrie Nicole said...

sounds like a fun time. I really want some of those cake balls!! They look so good!!