this is me now


you cant...

  • fix things for everyone...even when you really really really want me, I've tried

  • stop the clock for just a day or two to try to catch up...havent tried---but i'm pretty sure you cant.

  • force a 13 yr old boy to wear nice dressy clothes---even when he is supposed to---trust me, I've tried

  • force said boy to do his homework ---and turn it in---to achieve high grades he really doesnt care about---he is happy with B's---I DONT UNDERSTAND THAT MINDSET!

  • wallow forever---trust me, I've tried

  • eat Chik-Fil-A nuggets me, I've tried

  • stare at a cluttered desk and not feel cluttered---trust me---I dont even have to try for that one!

  • wish and

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