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therapeutic painting

we are re-doing Sam's room to make it a guest room/den type room---cutting the bunk beds---recarpeting, new bedding to make the beds daybeds, new curtains---new ikea dresser (if I was as good as Olivia I would have a picture of it right here ............. oh well----we will put the board games up there, the PS2, a tv---it will be a guest room when needed--- When Lyric gets married, her room will become the official guest bedroom---i have such plans.....anyway----

we were painting the room last night---covering the mural that i had painted 10 years ago for the little boys....covering the holes and scratches and marks inflicted on that room by anger---Ace down on the floor doing the baseboards, David painting the blue sky ceiling and me doing the trim and doors----a new start---for the room, for all of us----oh---if only a coat of paint could give us a new start! sometimes when i am most frustrated i shop---duh---thinking that a new outfit will be that coat of paint.

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Olivia Carter said...

Ah Meredith! You are TOO nice to me! I didn't know you had a blog- I'm so excited! Now I'll be checking back daily so you need to keep me up to date on the "going on's" in your family!