this is me now


well---if people are gonna actually read this----then i better muse different!

okay---so how do you add blogs you read? and that is really a rhetorical question---i'll have to figure it out.

if people are gonna actually read this---then i have to be happier---peppier! so here goes

had a lovely weekend in Houston/Beaumont---drove down to Houston on Valentine's Day afternoon---singing for one solid hour my two favorite songs---Brandi Carlisle's The Story and Flo-Rida's Low (check them both out on youtube---you'll be smitten)----i burned a cd with only

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Michelle said...

Please don't change on my account! :) I think the way I got to your blog was because you accepted the invitation to view mine. Then, you can add links to your blog through the customize section of your own blog. It should put a link to my, (or anyone else's) blog. Only people who've been invited to join my blog will be able to see mine, though, unless they go through your log-in name. Clear as mud?