this is me now



ya know---time passing always allows people to make decisions---ace has brought up his grades---his vp met with him and is aware that maybe he needs a little more watch at school---being grounded from anything electric has pushed him to find other things---reading, cards, bikes---he decided to not continue the spiral.
i have decided its not always about me---and i need to get over it----i'll be dead of heartburn if i dont learn to get over it...i hope i decide to be happy.
sam has decided he is excited to move to a group home----i hope he is right----i hope he decides to be happy.
molly has decided to not move home----i hope she is right---i hope she decides to be happy.
lyric is trying to decide----she is not happy----i cant fix it for her----that drives me crazy---i hope her decision brings her peace and happiness.

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Natalie Guerrero said...

Wow, the things you learn reading someone's blog :-) I saw the link to your blog on the Moulton's blog. Interesting stuff! I hope everything works out for everyone!