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empathetic ya'lls

i find it very interesting that when my blogs start to be more upbeat----NO ONE POSTS!---apparently me wallowing in self-pity brings out the desire to reach out---

got a new ward calling----GOSPEL DOCTRINE TEACHER! I have taught relief society for 4 years---this will be very daunting---I am thinking that I will have to picture everyone in pink underwear to not be nervous---i am not a huge scriptorian---able to flit back and forth to prove a point---and we have people in our class that like to prove their point----so i'm getting out my whip and chair and preparing. I will be trading off weeks with Brother Landers


Michelle said...

I'm posting! Hey, the new room sounds great! How fun it must be to have spare rooms. And as far as GD'll be great! I realize that teaching RS is cake compared to GD, but you're a great teacher. Good luck! OH! BTW--I tagged you! Look on my blog for more the rules, under the header, "TAG!" :)

Buckley said...

Hey, I'm stunned that they'd let such a radical teach GD. They must now know you like I do. Kidding. I taught it for years and look whre it got me! You'll learn more than the students. It's a great experience and you are a good choice.

Olivia Carter said...

Good luck with Gospel Doc! I was just called to be 2nd councilor in the Primary. I guess they didn't know that I don't like kids unless I personally gave birth to them.

Joyismygoal said...

wow I bet you are an awesome GOS DOC teacher because w/ you there is never a dull moment-- i just found you

Hey I look good in pink but I need more than underwear so i do not think i want to visit your class.