this is me now


peer pressure

because of the hundreds of derogatory comments i received from yesterday's post....albeit most were unspoken...okay ALL were unspoken....i did it.

i cleaned my kitchen

i did laundry

i am cleaning my front room (OKAY---SO I STOPPED TO BLOG BEFORE IT GOT DONE---GET OVER IT)....and, in the interest of full disclosure----the front room wont be cleaned til the boys go to bed tonight....that would just be an effort in futility.

peer pressure wins again...thanks guys. of house----after my trip!


Joni said...

Cleaning the house while the kids are still growing is like shoveling the driveway while it's still snowing. Words to live by.

Michelle said...

Yet, we still attempt to clean, clean, clean, while they come behind you and mess things up!