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da boys

we took the boys to walmart for a quick photo shoot while they were all here and healthy (an issue that weekend)....had them wear just a white polo. My favorite pictures are unposed---letting the baby be a baby and grabbing that moment.... hence the one above with the boys looking off in random directions---and Milo telling us he'd had enough!
i love Cannon's pose!----we had just picked ace up from BandCamp---so he was pretty sweaty--- he also refused to only wear a white shirt! imagine that!

sorry for the big space----i scanned these pics and i'm just learning!...and actually, thanks to Lyric for hacking in to my blog and fixing them...I wonder when I will notice that she wrote this. i love this pic (above) because the 3 blondes are all leaning one way---and there's Ben Hall popping up!

LOVE THIS! nope---they arent all smiley (except Ben of course!)---but i love the rolls on their legs and how this really captured what each boy looks like when they are quiet.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Shopping cart full of cuteness!

Ashley said...

Oh my heck - I just love these boys! Can you imagine them all running around when they are about 3 - wow, that's going to be fun!

Ashley said...

Any of these cuties going to the Jeppson reunion in October? I'm trying to figure out how I can make it there.

Merf said...

ashley---i dont think so---their parents are all in school!

Rondi said...

They are cute little boys. Love the first picture in the shopping cart. And I agree with taken not posed are the best.