this is me now


its a.......


5 girls and 10 boys......21 months to 3 years.

i guess having all 4 grandboys around was a good preparation for my new calling---nursery leader!
I am so STINKIN excited.
the perks of being in the nursery
  • I get to take off my shoes
  • I get to sit on the floor
  • I get to play trucks
  • I get to eat goldfish
  • I get hugs from babies whenever i want
  • I get to cuddle sad babies
  • I get to hear babies say their first words-and to hear 3 yr olds TALK SO STINKIN WELL!
  • I get to see parents find creative ways to sneak out
  • I get to see parents sneak IN
  • singing time----my favorite---our primary chorister does a terrific job
  • I get to hear baby prayers
  • I get to wear long flouncy skirts---my favorite!
  • I dont have to do this at home

the downers of nursery

  • knowing SOMEONE has a dirty diaper---and having to go from child to child to find out who
  • a year from now i wont know anyone in the ward except the parents of my babies
  • i'm not that big of fan of goldfish...we'll have to vary our menu
  • no dry-clean only clothes
  • realizing that while i am old enough to be these babies grandmama----it means i'm also STINKIN old enough to be their parents' mama!
  • i dont get to do this at home


Michelle said...

Meredith in the nursery! Now why didn't I think of that when I was Primary president? Probably cause you weren't at that stage yet and I needed you more as chorister. Enjoy the baby time!

Rondi said...

Meredith, those little tots are going to love you as their nursery leader. You have so much energy, so much "grandma love", you will be perfect.

Katie said...

That is GREAT! When I moved into this ward the Primary President was my visiting teacher and made sure I mentioned that nursery was my dream calling. Six months later I was in there and I loved everything you mentioned about it. I especially loved it when one of the little ones decided I was their favorite and always came to me for comforting.

Katie said...

Oh, and the stinky diaper thing is the worst. I do not enjoy putting my nose near 15 different children to find out which one did it, and I do not like peeking in either.

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Aw, how fun! Hug some babies for me. :)

Christie said...

Yay! You'll be great in nursery. My mom and MIL are both in nursey, so it must be going around.

natalie said...

Cool! I didn't even know we had a new nursery leader :) When were you sustained?? I feel goofy not knowing this since my daughter goes to nursery every week. . . ;)