this is me now



what have i learned from having leah & joe and the 2 boys here for the summer...........

  • i would TOTALLY do it again

  • adult daughters think they know as much, if not more, than their mother.... laundry, cooking, childcare, decorating ..... yeah.... they know it all after 2 years ...... love you!

  • you get nothing done with 2 babies in the house .... nothing

  • 2 babies' diapers stink up the house 73% more than one baby's diaper

  • babies are cuter than dogs

  • dogs cuddle longer than babies

  • best floor cleaner under a highchair? you got it...a dog

  • if your husband was clueless as a dad---- he's not going to be any better as a grandfather you!

  • you cant scratch or nuthin with others in the house.

  • i like noise

  • i am REALLY good about letting my kids parent their own.... REALLY REALLY GOOD.

  • jonas love me..... A LOT

  • cannon loves me ..... A long as mom or dad arent there....then i fall to 3rd string

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