this is me now


if i had 'em

if i had 'em

i'd have a live-in maid
i'd have live-in laundry service
i'd have a live-in cook
i'd have a live-in diaper-changer
i'd have a live-in nurse
i'd have a driver and a stretch suburban with built-in carseats
i'd have a house with vacuum hoses leading right to the trash outside
i'd have a house with sound-proofed cribs jack-n-jill style (watch hgtv folks)
i'd have a yard with a baby pool with no bugs...ever.
i'd have a swingset, sandbox--no---scratch that (i hate sandboxes), treehouse and trampoline
i was a live-in maid...still am?
i was a live-in laundry service....yeah----still doin it.
i was a live-in cook....not as much...but can still throw down with bobby flay (really, network!)
i was a live-in diaper service...only when my babies come with their babies...and its one of my favorite jobs!
i was a live-in nurse (dr mom!)....mostly over the phone now
i was the driver of a suburban---and it seemed to stretch....not so much...mostly a toyota corolla
i took the diapers out...thats what we have ace for.
i lived in a 3 bedroom soundproofing---just really solid we have 2 guest rooms....and its very quiet...which is very nice...and just quiet.
baby pools....i took the bugs mosquito farm here.
swingset, fort, trampoline? check, check and check.....gone, gone, gone.

i am a mom.....the only one i would take off the list....hmmmm....taking the diapers out...definitely.

best part of an empty nest is when the chicks come home.


Princess Mommy said...

This chick will come home ANY time you want her to especially if you do all that! :)

Rondi said...

Now isn't that the typical answer in order for us to see the grandchildren. Tsk, tsk...