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a loverly weekend....

Dave, Ace, Lyric & I tripped down to Lago Vista to spend Saturday with my sis, Eden & her hubby, Bill. We chatted and sang in the car (yay Flo-rida)....stopped in quick at IKEA....what a great store. Eden & Bill live on a golf course---deer everywhere---she is a wonderful hostess. We went to a quirky and fairly lame festival in Marble Falls---but walking around together was fun. Went back to their house for a loverly dinner (Eden loves to cook gourmet---its always good)---then we watched "Princess Bride" from their HUGE DVD collection---and then headed home---long day---but nice--very relaxing and always love a change of scenery. I love having Eden in Texas---they used to live in San Francisco---when Bill decided to retire they looked all over the country for a place to live---decided on the Hill country (Bill is an avid Harley rider)---Eden works very hard to stay connected with us---they come up here a lot---David & Bill strolling the boardwalk of Marble Falls---very patient as we ducked in and out of little boutiques and quirky art stores.
this store is called "It's All About Me"---a long-standing family joke with Lyric---this was a good weekend for Lyric to just get out of Ft Worth and spend time with us.

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missionarymom said...

I love the picture of Lyric under the sign! She looks WONDERFUL!