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my tribute to 'joy is my goal'

I am a huge fan of "joy is my goal"'s blog---she takes wonderful pictures and writes wonderfully---so I decided to take pictures of my Easter dinner----yeah---I'm not the photographer she is----and I've seen her camera----its a beaut---but I do like to cook and try new recipes and get feedback on which recipes should ever be tried again.... it was a small dinner this year---just Dave, Ace, Brother Davis & I....notice the lovely BLACK AND WHITE PLAID tablecloth my baby boy chose for our easter dinner---read the previous blog---but we had fun eating and pulling cake......

fresh green beans sauted in olive oil with fresh mushrooms, onions & water chestnuts---this was a big hit.
7 layer green salad---Dave made this---looks cool in a glass bowl--probably more work than is necessary---its just a tossed salad that isnt tossed!

each plate had an egg-shaped ramekin (what a great word) with pepper-jack cheese potato spoon bread---the big hit of the day---this was lyric's plate that we set aside til she got home from her trip to Beaumont.

not so very homemade croissant rolls---rolled up in circles instead of triangles.. the obligatory deviled-eggs.

ham steaks marinated in apricot preserves & brown sugar---didnt get this picture til after it had been dug into---so the presentation leaves a lot to be desired!

Lyric got to eat her dinner (and the sugar Dr Pepper she got from the Easter Bunny) when she got home Easter evening

Every year for the past 70 or so, my family 'pulls' cake (the tradition started with my grandfather when my mom was a child)---we rip apart an Angel food cake ---serve it with strawberries and cream---and voila---tradition! there is probably well over 100 people pulling cake each are the pics from that...


Michelle said...

Yum! Looks good and impressive! On the other hand, I quite enjoyed NOT having to cook our entire Easter dinner by myself this year--sharing the work with my in-laws. Both ways have fun things about them. You're family looks beautiful!

Olivia Carter said...

Oh looks SO GOOD! And my mom is home from the hospital now- much better! Thanks for asking!

Vipha Guerrero said...

Everything looks very good, Sister Jeppson. It seems like you guys had a wonderful time. I hope to make some traditions for my kiddos!!!