this is me now


shoulda been.....but its okay....

today shoulda been a day of joy---but its okay---she is better and understanding things she didnt...she's learned a lot about who she strong she is...and that her priorities are in the right place

today shoulda been our family all here---together---but its okay---we'll see Leah and Joe in a month---David is coming up for the weekend---Jasmine has been here---Sam is coming home for spring break---Molly is not here---her choice---but its okay---

can't live with should----an old therapist taught me that----shoulds will eat you alive---if you do the right thing you will never regret shoulds----

deep today----but its okay----i'll be light tomorrow

God is Good


(thats how Run/DMC ends his blogs---and I love his blogs!)

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Susan said...

I like reading your blog. I don't always get the nuiances of your blog, but I like reading it. :o) Thanks for posting a comment on mine.