this is me now


my baby boy...didya know....

...that in the passing of one week, a 13 year old boy can go from nose-to-nose/eye-to-eye exact height as mom---to not-even-a-question taller than me? His voice cracks so funny--- I have big feet---his are bigger...i literally watched him grow!
but apparently he is growing (he will kill me)
from right to left---has hair under his arm on
his right side---NOT HIS LEFT! it is hilarious...

(dont know how long these pictures will stay up---so enjoy!)

of course---he's still a goofy 13 yr old--but a sweet guy. He loves to talk to his sisters on the phone...and I used to make him carry my pretty pink phone when he would go out and around the neighborhood. He puts up with so much being the youngest---we make him listen to and sing the songs we like--so he has a very eclectic taste in music...he makes us play Wii games with him that we dont understand (way too many buttons to push)....Lyric & I try to get him to dress 'cool'---he gets pretty close---but his idea of what matches is not the same as what we envision...he thinks that its okay to burp 'excuse me'----he gets dropped off at the grocery store to get the ingredients for guacamole---and when I meet him there---he's pushing the cart around the store---with 2 nice avocados in his cart, looking for the salsa!
how many marshmallows can you shove in your mouth? hmmm? you know you are trying to figure it out! Ace learned this from Leah!
Ace & I are trying out for Music Man next week at the Artisan Theatre---fun times....he puts up with a lot.

btw---the picture is him sleeping on the airplane last summer on our way home from the Jeppson reunion in Cedar City, Ut...passed out!


James said...

Burping "Excuse me" is time efficient. Saves time for other things.

Meredith said...

thats what his comment was! it must be a guy thing!