this is me now


This is musings---possibly amusing

this will be musings---possibly amusing!

Had a nice weekend visit from my brother Ace from California. We went to a nice little french bakery in Grapevine with members of Ace's French class (this will be confusing since I am talking about 2 ace's---but you'll figure it out)---david and ace (son) ordered tuna sandwiches---huge and creamy---okay---this is sounding like carmel's restaurant blog---ace and I shared 5---yes---5 desserts---a chocolate banana bombe, a chocolate croissant, blueberry tarte, fruit flaky pastry thing and a cinnamon rolled thing---of course---the other two shared in our joy....didnt finish their tuna in fact! that was fun---then ace and ace went golfing at a driving range. ace was in heaven! what a good uncle.

sunday made my heart cry---ouch.

monday we had snow---yes---snow---not ice---it was gorgeous---about 1/2" was gone by morning.

tuesday i flew with Gordon & Tim to Miami---their luggage got lost---we got to the hotel at 11 p.m.---IT WAS STILL 80! gorgeous. These trips are really vacations---nice hotel---nice restaurants----love it.

Wednesday we performed for 80 Family/Marital Counselors and Social workers---all with the Air Force---90% were in fatigues. It was a fun performance---they were very receptive---the fire alarm in the hotel went off 3 times during the show! we all just laughed. Then we shot back to Dallas---a 24 hour turn around!

wednesday made my heart smile---big smile....big big big.

we are getting ANOTHER puppy---a toy dachshund from is Bandit for now---he is 6-8 months old---why? why not---we love our lap dogs. David will bring him up next week when he comes to pick up jasmine from her spring break time here with us.

the room is almost done---altho we found out two beds wont fit---so we are re-arranging ideas a bit---david has worked so hard on the beds to refinish them and make them look nice---will put up a picture when it is done.

i love reading blogs---even of people I dont know! people's writing styles tell so much---i think mine probably shows how i flit from topic to topic---but that I am a very good speller.


Olivia Carter said...

Wow! Sounds like you have been partying. Much more interesting then my life... trying to teach Syd not to pick her nose till it bleeds. Any advice?

Natalie Guerrero said...

Wow, the things I didn't know abot you. . .What is it that you perform? Singing? Skits? Whatever it is, sounds fun!