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Orlando trip

got to jaunt down to Orlando to see my cute nephew, Brian Ensign, marry his cute girl, Ashley Barney---their colors were creamsicle orange and salmon pink! i LOVE clever adjectives! It was wonderful to see my brothers Marc & Matt and their wives, Pat & Shelly (respectively)---plus matt's kids austin, luke and Jackie & derek and their doll-of-a-son Elliot (he is one week younger than Beth---so I got to get my fix of 6 month olds in). Got to spend lots of time with my Mom and Lyric & Milo and Ben (see previous post)---here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

big bonus was spending time with Mr Milo Webb---he who talks and cuddles and gives grandma kisses!

 while the rest of the family spent the day at Disney---Lyric, Milo, Mom and I enjoyed lunch at Olive Garden---(Ben was at work/school/lab)---Milo figured out Tongs during the lunch!  Lyric is one of the loveliest 37 week pregnant women EVER!
 we stayed at a condo that slept 13! Milo loved playing hide and seek in the kitchen.
 We headed to Disney to see La Nouba (cirque du soleil)---it was AMAZING and so much fun....whole new appreciation for America's Got Talent.  we had terrific seats to enjoy the show.  Then we strolled around Disney Downtown watching street performers and italian ice..........nummers. (notice the cool movement of the general public around two of my favorite ladies!)
 my brother Matt with his Elliot.  It was so much fun to watch him enjoy his grandbaby.
 outside the temple getting ready for pictures---Luke, Shelly, Jackie, Dereck and Elliot---it was hot and humid---duh---August in Orlando!
 Ben and Milo---Ben was so good---he watched Elliot and Milo during the temple (with a lot of help from Luke & Austin)---made french toast for all of them---got everyone to the temple in time for him to make it to the sealing (thanks luke & austin for watching the boys during the wedding!)
                                                                          Brian and Ashley Ensign.
 Mary Lou Ensign---matriarch and sweet funny woman.....Austin crouching in the background.

My mom hosted a lovely luncheon at BJ's Brewery after the wedding (had to add in the brewery part---they make their own root beer and black cherry sodas---as well as other brewed drinks). This is Lyric sucking down probably root beer---next to Jackie and Dereck...Elliot was with Grandpa Matt.

 at the condo enjoying pizza during a TERRIFIC rainstorm ---love Florida rain---
 back at the temple---they were so happy and cute
 Milo thinking he is going to be a big kid and not sit in his car chair!

Mom and the couple

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Lyric said...

haha...poor milo...such a bummer when he realized he wasn't gonna get to ride outside the carseat! thanks for the compliment--glad you are not visiting now--my 38 week self is much different than my 37 week self. haha.