this is me now


Ben Webb---a moment we'll share---naw---that sounds way too mushy---

 ----my lovable son-in-law---married to Lyric---he is quite the character---brainy enough to make my eyes glaze over (getting his PhD in lasers and optics...what?)----adventurer enough to scare me (swimming with sharks and such ilk)--- mischievious enough to make me want to put him in time-out---loves my daughter enough to make me weep---

we share a love of Smokey Bones---(okay---that link makes it look a lot more like a Hooters than it really is) a restaurant in Orlando---so we go everytime i go there---and i'm pretty sure he goes when i'm not there---traitor----but anyway---

i was in orlando---so we went to smokey bones----their beans and their roasted corn are TO DIE FOR---but they had something new---SMOKE STACK---we were eyeing the ad for it---and he kinda had 'that look'---i asked him if he wanted to order it and he said---"its $17!"---yes---for a burger----so I smiled and said---"if thats all that is keeping you from getting it---then today would be the day"---so he did---and it came---and he ate it---

this is not JUST a burger
3 patties  --- each 1/2 lb
3 cheese slices
pulled pork
onion rings
french fries
cole slaw
one bun

this kinda stuff makes my heart smile!  i love a 'do you remember when' moment---and this was one


Lyric said...

hahahaha! I love the pictures! And you're introduction of him makes me laugh. I still cannot believe how ridiculous that burger looks...and that he finished it without hesitation.

Piter and Heidi said...

Oh my goodness...I thought you were going to say you guys split it...He really ate it all!!!! I get indigestion just looking at it!!! You go Ben!