this is me now


hair-----the bain of my existence

i'm sure i've said this before---but i was not blessed with lovely hair---lifeless, straight as a pin with less confidence, fine enough that i can feel when a mosquito lands on me......2 hairstyles do well with this hair---long straight from the 70's and army cuts.....and i've done them both.
but you know its time to cut the hair when you start putting hair clips that are meant for 4 yrs old!
its comin off.


Lyric said...

This is why we need to channel the British tradition and all wear hats and fascinators!

Katie said...

I feel your pain! I am trying to go long...we will see how *long* that lasts.

Amy said...

I like the clips, they are cute. Youthifies you

Merf said...

hahah---youthifies---thanks amy