this is me now


can we blame Milo?

so here's the story---and i'm stickin' to it.
when you choose names---sometimes you dont think about if there will be stuff with the child's name on it---expecially those of you who spell your kids' names weird (pet peeve---but i'll be okay)----truly---met a woman whose name is Caitriona-----KATRINA---really?  REALLY?  reallyreallyreally????????

deep breath

i remember Lyric as a child commenting that there was never anything with her name on it---so one date night at Grapevine Mill Mall, David & I found a kiosk that did personalized license plates---little ones---so we had them do one for Lyric---she was thrilled!

back to the story:
I have a grandson named Milo.  (lyric's son---she's about to have a baby named Pyper---seeing a trend?)
not much with Milo's name on it.  So david saw some dogfood snack/treats---brand name Milo's Kitchen---so, of course, being married to me---he got them!
so now---conveniently---I have a grandson named Jonas...his name is not the issue----Jonas is an eater----well---jonas is a chewer ---(side story---jonas eats most everything---but only for awhile---then he spits it out---he eats watermelon--til the good juice is gone---then you find watermelon all over the floor---also true of apples, noodles, meatballs, chicken nuggets---yeah---he's a chewer)

back to the story:
Jonas is at the house---points to the bag of dogfood treats (milo's kitchen brand) and so I, being the GRANDmother that i am---get the bag and open it---anticipating letting Jonas and Cannon give the dogs (lucy, chloe and chip--since we are talking about names---just fyi)---a treat---but NO! as fast as you can say JO--------nas!---he has dipped his hand in and tossed a treat IN HIS MOUTH!---now these are chicken meatballs---soft---like a human meatball (not a meatball made of human---but a meatball a human would/should eat).

now normally i dont get overly concerned about the babies eating dogfood (oops---my daughters probably are reading this)---cause its mostly cereal-type and all sorts of healthy bi-products---and who doesnt like a good bi-product now and then)--but for some reason this creeped me out----and he didnt chew it---he just held it in his mouth!  with the dogs following him ---hoping he would do the Jonas thing and spit it out---and finally----Lucy was the winner in the "eat whatever comes out of Jonas' mouth" contest.

i blame Milo---if his name was Peggy Sue we wouldnt have had this problem.


Lyric said...

That face in the last picture! haha, so hilarious!

Lyric said...

...oh, and wait a second...I meant to say NO, we cannot blame Milo! Let's blame the dogs.

Ashley said...

so funny! gross, but funny. cade is a chewer, too. but he doesn't spit it out. he just keeps it in his cheek until it's time to eat something else or I make him spit it out.

best line of the post: "who doesn't like a good bi-product now and then." love it.

oh, and I love the name pyper!

Christie said...

Actually, I think you should blame Lyric...she named Milo!

Rachel Lewis said...

haha, that's a true gem, Mer.

Sami said...

Ok, so I DON'T blog stalk, but I was reading Katie's blog and enjoying all the stories about Linda and she linked your story back to your blog. So I thought there might be more stories about Linda and saw this post. It interested me because I have a son named Milo and we are ALWAYS looking for things with our kids' names on them. Anyway, we found this which is MUCH better tasting than dog treats.

Thanks for the laugh though!

eden said...

So funny