this is me now


i am vicariously famous

and if you havent seen this on my facebook

or lyric's fb
or pyper's fb
or jasmine's fb
or david hall's fb
or lyric's blog
or jasmine's blog
or gotten the mass email david sent out
or seen it on our family website
or saw it on BONNIE STINKIN HUNT show....
yes...ben adorable/infectious laugh grandson of mine.... was the feel-good video of the day on Monday, July 19, 2010.


Michelle said...

So completely hilarious! Baby laughs are contagious! And, how cool is it that Jasmine's name was mentioned on T.V?!

Olivia Carter said...

I know it was SOOOO GREAT!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

That video is soooooo adorable!