this is me now


i am an ugly american

as i begin my series of posts about our CARISTINKINGBEAN occurs to me that i am going to expose myself for what i truly am....

an UGLY american

not that i didnt look darn cute in my cruisewear
but i am apt to show my arrogance at what we take for granted here in the good old u.s. of a.....and how surprised i was that citizens of other nations are PROUD OF THEIR COUNTRY---just like us! i'm going to express dismay at the lack of ENGLISH speakers in the tourism industry....and reveal that i was DARN happy to see a subway on EVERY corner of EVERY country....and judged harshly entire islands that drove on the WRONG side of the road....yes, i said it.....DRIVING ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD IS WRONG.

so, reader....judge me not harshly....judge me not at all...for i confess...i am an UGLY AMERICAN.


Michelle said...

It's easy to start comparing things to the U.S. I, too, am amazed when people from different countries have the same pride in their country that we do in ours. They don't know any better. :)

Christie said...

LOL Great post.