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In October 1979, my grandmother, Leota, took her 3 daughters and their 3 husbands (one on a trip to The Holy Land. It was a wonderful experience FOR THEM.... the reason i remember the date is because that is when my parents met david!

so....about 20 years later, my mom's sister, Margo, took her children and their spouses (again, I'm assuming one each) on a cruise---not sure whether it was mexico or caribbean. Margo regaled my mother with stories of family togetherness (for good and bad)....

LIGHTBULB! mom generously invited my siblings and our spouses (you know what i'm going to say here, so i wont say it) to an Alaskan cruise----5 years ago---it was terrific and amazing and thrilling...and sold us all on cruise vacations!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO....lets do it again! my mom announced 3 years ago that we would be going again---we voted and chose the southern Caribbean...shipping from San Juan, Puerto rico to Curacao, Aruba, Dominca and St Thomas...ending up back in San Juan. We shopped for our cruisewear, planned excursions, obtained passports, made childcare arrangements (most of us are empty-or nearly empty-nesters....but my sister, Pyper, still has 5 at home....she got a late start...and she is 10 years younger than any of us). We had a terrific time---most of which is because we enjoy each other's company---it doesnt really matter where we are....imagine 6 of me---plus spouses----sitting around a table---hmmmm---that came out a little more arrogant than i intended----hmmmm....but i'm letting it ride.

I love family traditions---especially the kind that generous grandmothers start and generous mothers continue and...wait....oh---wow----we are the NEXT generous generation---rats---we had too many kids....and dagnabit...they have spouses.....i have 20 years to change that.

or save money.


Princess Mommy said...

I vote to save your money! :)
They met dad?? Explain!

Michelle said...

I wish my dad would decide that a family cruise is the way to go. Sounds like you had a great time!