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a visit from Joe & Leah

This is Leah & Joe arriving from Utah on Thursday---she looked great. They came into town for Joe's sister's, Sara, wedding. They stayed in our guestroom! (see my earlier posts!) I had to leave right away for a trip to Austin to do a show for my hubby Dave's meeting---it was hard to leave immediately, but I was glad to see them that first day---Dave & I came back from Austin the next day---so I got to spend good time with them the rest of the weekend. Leah was so tired on Saturday after the reception that she fell asleep on our couch---so Joe brought down his pillow and blanket and slept on the floor next to her---awwwwwww. I forgot how tired you are during pregnancy. They came to church with us on Sunday and then flew back up to Utah.
Ace is taller than all of his sisters now! (Leah is standing on her tippy-toes). Leah, Lyric & I went shopping on saturday for maternity clothes---we found some really cute things at jcpenneys on sale! She doesnt really need them yet---but she's ready for when she does.
Leah & Joe were both in the line at the wedding reception--it was very nice, baked potato bar and white chocolate fountain for fruit---Leah took a break every now and then to get off her feet...and the bridesmaid dresses (this is shown in chartreuse---but the dresses were red) were cute enough that Lyric took Leah's after the wedding!
This is Rachel (Joe's youngest sister, 14) and Ace---yeah---Rachel LOVES to have her pictures taken. Ace asked a girl to dance and she was totally smitten...she walked up to Leah and told her that she had a crush on Leah's brother. Ace is hilarious to watch dance---because he chats the entire time---i love guys that chat!...but we do have to work on his technique. He does the locked-knees rocking back and forth kinda slow dance---that wont do!
Lyric came to the reception with a guy from the singles ward---but I caught this picture of her and Ace. She looked cute. Then a group of singles went to a house and played for her to get out....okay---that makes her sound like she is huddled under the covers---she's not.
It was a lovely weekend---great to see Leah & Joe---got to go to the temple for a wedding---doesnt get better than that...ate at CiCi's---one of my favorites---truly---then I headed off Sunday evening after a stake conference choir rehearsal for a show in Ada, Oklahoma on Monday! We (Dancingmoose) are going full-time with the show---travelling all over---starting mid-summer. I will be starting another blog about our adventures on the road for that...but til then...
God is love

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Michelle said...

You look great!

Cathy said...

sounds wonderful!!! I bet Leah was so sad to leave...I know me and Carrie always are!! (although its almost sadder to watch mom as we leave....)

what do we have to do to get your little traveling group to come see me and my fellow social workers??

Cathy said...

and i just think it is too too cute that joe got a pillow and blanket and slept on the floor by leah!! what a guy!

Carrie Nicole said...

sounds like a good weekend!! and that is so cute about Joe getting a pillow and blanket to sleep on the floor. I know that dev would never do that haha!

Olivia Carter said...

Looks like SUCH a good time! AND you guys all look great!

Statuesque Traffic Cone said...
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