this is me now


baby steps....from no steps

i'm way behind---but its hard to type one-handed---and now I am pushing myself all in the name of physical therapy.....if you don't know why I am one handed---WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?  that's okay---I'm sure you have a life outside of wondering about mine---so, in baby steps, I am going to catch you up.

October 2013

dave and I flew to san diego, ca for Shirley's wedding.  Shirley and sandy are two of my favorite people---their lives have intertwined with ours for 20 years---so when Shirley announced she was getting married in the san diego temple---we were so there.

 one of the coolest things ever---Shirley's baby, Reese---and her adoptive parents and sister were all there--- so cool---to see how far Shirley had come in a year and to see the huge outpouring of love for her and nick.

 dave and I detoured a bit and went to find the house where he was raised ---bit smaller than you remember---neighborhood is a bit more rundown---but good memories
 this tree is on the street outside his home in Torrance---so craggly---so much character.
 spent a morning at the Mormon Battalion site in San Diego---very interesting and found one of David's relatives was part of the battalion!
 yeah---this is us

we got to stay with my sister, Pyper and her family---I love San Diego---love Shirley---love Pyper!


Piter and Heidi said...

Thanks for catching us up!~!!!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Ooh, San Diego...that sounds lovely.