this is me now


toppling over I'm getting around good on my scooter----sure---I carefully get to the edge of my bed---nature calls and all---get on my scooter---its 3 a.m.---head towards the powder room---done, done and done----head back to bed----SQUIRREL---hmmm---what is that? I musta dropped something (cant even remember what it was now!) and so, of course----I lean over to pick it up......

LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN---FALLING DOWN---FALLING DOWN!  I go over---breaking my fall with my left wrist....breaking my left wrist---2 bones of my left wrist.

picture this----non-weight bearing right foot---broken wrist---3 a.m.---calling to david to wake him up---but he cant get me up---NON WEIGHT BEARING----I'm crying and moaning---- so he calls the ambulance and off we go----I barely remember anything except crying at how much it hurt....and hurt it did.

this was on Saturday, Nov 9----saw my podiatrist Monday---he just looked at me and said "I am so sorry"....david made a thousand phone calls to find an orthopedic dr that could see me right away---found dr khubchandani----saw him Tuesday----surgery on Wednesday.

I no longer feel human.

jasmine and her kids clear their calendar and come up to care for me---david has a trial----

one day at a time---breathe---


Piter and Heidi said...

How are you now???? and by YOU I mean everyone!!! Blog Blog Blog.... I know I know, I need to take my own advice but your life is so much more uplifting,(oh yeah, he couldn't get you uplifted) okay, your life is so much more safe,(no?) carefree,(no?), interesting... yeah that works interesting than mine!!!! Love you!!!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Oh quote C3PO (I'm a nerd) "It seems we were made to suffer."
Hope you're suffering less now. <3