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fileted like a fish

I have been anticipating surgery for nigh unto a year----after a coupla months of physical therapy to no relief---all concerned agreed it was time for me to have my toe---2nd toe on my right foot---way too long for its own good---on fire every day----hammertoeing up and over the big I decided to be fileted....truly---2nd toe to be cut from knuckle to about 3" into my foot....yikes....plantar plate (ball of your foot) tear to be sewn up---knuckle removed/bone shaved and rejointed....yikes.

but not til November---because I am SO important and necessary that the world would stop revolving if I was out for 8 weeks---(truly---there are only 3 of us at work and I'm the only chick---so it would have been a problem)----so I beasted thru til a break in our shows----the was the silliest decision EVER---I was in pain every day---toe on fire kinda pain....but that's how important I am.

October 29th, 2013---I went in under the knife---how ready was I, you ask? ready enough that even tho dear hubby was out of town for a trial, I was still willing to go in---so leah and boys came up to take care of me.

surgery went well--came home---stayed up until 5 am the next day! felt great---non-weight bearing boot---foot raised---see the dr in 2 weeks for stitches out...yay! I have very little memory of the next few days---pain kicked in---but the fam took good care of sister Eden came up from Austin (3 hr drive) and visited for a few hours and then drove home---just to check on me!  my mom sent me a box of all things purple---one to open each day for two weeks! my brother and sister sent me a MASSIVE box of chocolate and magazines....I have a great family.

lyric came up over the weekend to help me out---I was up on my knee scooter and tooling around to the bathroom and back.....too good to be true?
 personalized purple m & M's from the halls
 cannon and Jonas with the BOX of chocolates from Marc & Pat Ensign
 are you seeing a pattern? carebox from the Webbs
 one of the packages from my mom for opening everyday
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eden said...

Good to see you back on your blog, Meredith.

Piter and Heidi said...

too good to be true???? C'mon, part 2 and the finale!!!