this is me now


I've never seen anything like it in my life

david and i are not hoarders---but pack rats----probably----and we had 6 kids---and all their stuff---and saved clothes from season to season to hand down---and 8 bikes---and scooters----and memorabilia----and a freezer---and david's tools-----and i bought school supplies in bulk---and toilet paper and get the idea.

and we've always had big cars---big cars that don't fit lengthwise in a garage---or heightwise---so it was easy to just toss stuff in the garage---since the cars wouldn't go in there anyway.

and then the kids started leaving---and we cleaned out their bedrooms----but kept their stuff---in the garage----

then we got the convertible.....and that little girl needs to be in a garage.

so every day i would go thru 2 boxes----stuff from weddings 5 years ago--- and trash or donate it.  the only clothes in there now are my winter clothes.  suitcases are upstairs in the attic----we have 20 empty plastic buckets ready for leah to use to put their stuff in storage----we had a shredded ping pong table (we like ping pong table---but i broke the table)---- but I knew there was light at the end of a tunnel----a very long crowded tunnel

then we got into a tiff-----and i went to the theater to see a show----alone

came home----to this-----

for 33 years our garage has been a joke---one year we asked our sons in law to clean it out for our present----but that mostly meant rearrange-----

I cried when I saw this


Princess Mommy said...

What are you going to do without all your unused stuff?! How will you survive??

Piter and Heidi said...

Just keep telling yourself... the garage is for the car, not the surplus!!!! Otherwise you will find that car right back outside... mine finally got back inside when I changed the pool table to a dining room table combo!!!