this is me now


awwwww-----lovely september-----lets be cool

Meredith----whats with all the bruises?
new bruise each show!
august was spent performing "A Wrinkle in Time"---my first non-musical performance since high school.....I got to play the part of Mrs. Whatsit------which means I got to play me----an animated me that sparkled with glitter and fell off benches and slid down ramps..... I met some amazing people that I got to learn from----as always----I love the process.

august was stinkin hot----but leah and joe came and worked so hard to help our backyard be greener and lusher----and it is----

august was a couple of Dancing Moose Shows

September----david retired.

WHAT THE WHAT THE WHAT THE???????!!!!!!!!!!!!

David was offered a position as executive director for Computers For the Blind----a small non-profit that takes donated computers and refurbishes them and sends them out internationally to visually-impaired people.....he'll do 20 hrs a week working at home----going into the office for board meetings in Dallas every few weeks.  His job is to grow the company and its branding.....get more professionals on the advisory he is done working with the state-----he has worked for the state of texas for 28 years! this whole decision thing happened in about 4 days----altho we had been talking about leaving the state job (not leave texas) for awhile.   Now, David may be old enough to retire----but I all of a sudden become the token wife----cause aint NO way i'm old enough!

twice the husband----half the money

i'm still doing Dancing Moose---and David still has 7 cases he is working on---with 2 trials coming up....

we are cleaning out the garage to put the convertible in there----we 've never been able to put a car in the garage----but it is actually happening!

leah and her family are going to be living with us from dec-june ----joe is done with medical school classes and just needs to wait to find out where they are going for residency-----so knowing that we eat different---and our fridge was not big enough for all of us-----we downgraded (well-----in size)---

the nelson's fridge is perfectly happy in the garage!  well---we really didn't ask her if she was happy----but bet she's happy she is about to be filled with all sorts of yummy goodness!
Meredith is doing okay----lots of change----i'm not sure about all that---but i'm certainly seeing the hand of God in my ability to be calm, in opportunities that are opening and blessings that are being afforded..... probably just jinxed myself huh.+
I want to get back into things that I took myself out of---ward choir----marching band----yeah-----its time.


Princess Mommy said...

*singing like Andrea Bocelli* TIME TO SAY GOODBYE!!!

Piter and Heidi said...

So happy you are feeling better... I'm following your light... and it's getting closer for me too... gotta love those lights at the end of the tunnel... and sure hope jinx'es are not real!!!

natalie said...

I love how you said you had become the "token wife." Hilarious! :)
love you!!

natalie said...

Wait, let me clarify, not hilarious, but clever. You definitely look young enough to be the token wife--so not hilarious in that ha ha, no way, but ha ha so clever. I hope I cleared that up ;)