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define the word 'retired'

 when you think of retirement---you think of , or at least I do----or at least I did----you think of downsizing to a condo, travel, going on a mission, being 65.....gray hair, moving a bit get the idea.....this is kind of what I pictured:
yeah----this is my idea of retired

okay--i'm having trouble with pictures and spacing....but i'll push on.... please keep reading
so....david retired yesterday after 27 years working for the state of texas....and started today at his new job as executive director for Computers for the Blind----a small non-profit agency based in Richardson (just north of Dallas).  He goes into the 'office' every 2 weeks for a board of directors meeting...... he will work from home in the office we have set up in a corner of our bedroom.  He also continues with his ExpertsonBlindness consulting/expert witness business---- so he has 2 part-time jobs....both from home.... i'm sure we'll be fine.....really----we'll be great
Day 1.....david comes home from meeting with 2 attorneys....eats some chicken wings....changes clothes.... I made spaghetti for dinner---so I ate spaghetti....apparently we have things to still work talking about what is for dinner and what was NOT....and that its NOT okay to talk the entire time I am watching Dance Moms but I have to be quiet during a rerun of Persons of Interest---yes---even after 33 years we still are working out the kinks.
Day 1 evening.....we go to the half price on Tuesday dollar movie to see RIPD (totally redbox it---its a clever silly movie)----after the movie david tells me that 5 minutes INTO the movie, he realized he had seen it before.....I must have been either on a work trip or doing a show at the local community theater.   does anyone else find that to be hilarious?
AND SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!
retired----we are not downsizing to a condo---we paid off the house..... we are travelling but have been doing that for years....the mission? our goal is 5 years from now (our first one will be in Nauvoo, Illinois---"sunset on the Mississippi"---a musical revue done outdoors--duh--on the banks of the Mississippi river--every night....gray hairs? I call them white highlights....moving slower? I am having foot surgery in November---then no more slower----and, for the record....WE ARE DECADES (alright---decade) AWAY FROM 65!!!
retired=twice the husband/half the money


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

You make me smile. :D

Piter and Heidi said...

:O twice the husband, half the money... Piter gets to look forward to that in the oppisite mode in about 15 years!!! Unless he is working by then:) Retirement and reality collide!!!