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road trip 2012

Mom and I did a roadtrip for 2 weeks----Mom took the bus to Chicago---hopped on a plane---arrived in Dallas on a Wednesday----Eden came up on Saturday and took mom down to Lago Vista---Tuesday I drove down and we played for a day---Wednesday mom and i drove back up to fort worth----after my Fiddler on the Roof show closed on saturday---we hopped on a plane on Sunday to Mesa, Az to see Amy Edwards and her family (my brother, Marc's, daughter)---then Tuesday we hopped on a plane to SLC to see Brian, Ashley, Jake Ensign (those nephews and niece that stayed with me over the summer) and Alex Dow (pyper's 2nd son)---all at the Y---had a lovely dinner at Olive Garden----on Wednesday we saw: Michelle Moulton at her home---then meandered until i found my aunt Margo (mom's sister) at her home---then Lil (mom's oldest sister) and her daughter Suzie (my cousin--my age---soul mate type) came and we all went to sizzler for a late lunch---then back to Margo's to chat about strawberry jam and politics and such---then Sara ---another dear cousin came by and we had a lovely chat....then we said goodbye to all and headed to midvale to see Mom (David's mom), Sharon (his sister) and Cassie (Jeremy, sharon's son's wife) at Kneaders---are you following all that?  We pretty much closed down Kneaders.  Thursday we flew to Sacramento---met up with Pyper and started the wedding festivities-----it was a wonderful time and a blessing to rekindle friendship and love

moms trip started with a trip down to Lago Vista to spend a weekend with Eden and Bill---then I came down to get her---and got a terrific ride in:


had dinner at Outback Steakhouse---brought home enough for David for 2 meals!
cannon in his winter coat!
leah brought her boys up to see GreatGrandma
JOnas and his brothers were thrillled to come up and play with the doggies

and of course we enjoyed a trip to Joe's Crab Shack
dave treated us to cirque du soleil!
mom saw 5 shows of Fiddler! like being back in high school!
 we spent a few days in Mesa with the Edwards family----drinking their green smoothies----hearing them play their cellos and pianos and violins----applauding their smelling
 megan gave me her bedroom for a couple of days-----almost i snuggled with eeyore a time or two
 this was an amazingOrgan Stop Pizza place that made me happy-----the guy played all songs---all the stops---no music-----thats what i want todo when i retire! (sorry it is sideways---hold your phone sideways really quick before it adjusts)

this doesnt brelong here---ashley ensign gave me these the next night in provo

 amy, macy and mom and i went to see the gilbert temple---unfinished----still beautiful

 time for school (madi is already gone)---ben, blake, grandma, megan,. macy and amy

 madison and mom with brownie enjoying the attention from grandma

 theres macy eating at the table!  yay macy! amy inspired me to do green smoothies and homemade salsa! both were delicious---had seconds!

every night we got a green smoothie---and it was delicious----i think we shall set a knew tradition

mom and i had a great time throught all this time

 my cousin Sue and I have the ability to be gone for a long time and just pick up----she is a treasure---we had lunch at Sizzler in Salt Lake with Lil, Margo and my mom.

 we took out the byu students to Olive Garden---had a great time with Alex, Jake, Brian and Ashley

                                                                      Brian and Ashley

   mom and jake trying to decide what to order---we ended up closing down Olive Garden---stayed and chatted and laughed---even sang happy birthday to ashley and jake---both had birthdays coming up soon.

 i was able to crochet trims to nearly 6 pair of socks during our airplane trips

flying over the grand canyon!
the whole trip was FAMILY----and blake's face says it perfectly!



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Perfect! Like an online scrapbook!