this is me now


pray-ers most of you know....i am involved with community theater---Artisan Center Theater in Hurst to be specific....founded and owned by a couple in our church....and while there are usually somewhere between a handful to a group of LDS actors and crew involved with each show----that is not the majority----you find a wonderful mix of organized religion, non-denominationalists, spiritual---and so devout! 
we pray vocally before every show
we devote every show to God
we pray for people to be touched
we acknowledge our gifts from God

when someone is sick or hurting----small groups will gather right then and there to pray over/with that person---without a big discussion or finding the right moment----they just stop and pray

sometimes i think that as a "Mormon" i have the special phoneline to Heavenly Father---and i am so wrong!

open conversation of dedication to God---of going to church---singing in the choir---mission trips---serving others---all things we do---but, at least me---that kind of conversation doesnt rattle off my tongue easily.

it is so inspiring----i hear their prayers---true conversations with God----in the circle you hear occasional "amens" or "thats right" DURING the prayer......i love the open-ness----the matter-of-fact attitude of "well---of course we pray---of course we give God the glory---who wouldnt"

i---in my own little prayers----am trying to be more of a pray-er....more open with my spirituality and how it in part of my every fiber and every action.


Mother of the Wild Boys said...

I learned a lot of those same lessons when I went to the Baptist Youth Group in high school. It didn't detract from my religion, it added. :)

natalie said...

I can totally relate to your thoughts on this post. Cool. :)