this is me now


sometimes i'm NOT cryptic!

this was going to be a fb status---but decided that those that read my blog would really be the ones that appreciated it.

i am married to a most compassionate man
he worries
he doesnt get cryptic---meaning he doesnt understand it
he wants to do the best
nigh unto being a helicopter husband

i've had a bout of bad days----not horrible bad---just bad---and anticipating the holidays means anticipating a lot of bouts----

but i was at Michael's today---the store---doing some shopping---david called my cell---i didnt answer because i was checking out----so he called the home phone-----no answer--- he had talked about us going out to dinner but i said i'd prefer to when i called him and told him that i didnt answer his phone because i was checking out--------he kinda freaked----

like leaving work to go home freaking out
like getting an early appointment with my psych freaking out

like coming home to an empty house freaking out because i literally was CHECKING OUT AT THE REGISTER AND COULDNT TALK......sometimes checking out means spending moneyl


Piter and Heidi said...

Wow... I totally get that.... scary!!! Glad it was only the check out line at the cashier and not the check in line at the casket(if there is such a thing)... Check it out.... I LOVE you both!!!

Ashley said...

That is too funny! Yeah, I think those Jeppson men don't get cryptic - very literal men!

Lyric said...


Lyric said...

what, you can't answer the phone and checkout? I do it with two kids all the time....and I'm sure the poor cashier hates me!

Lana said...

That's actually pretty funny!