this is me now


Dear Mom,

This is your daughter,

I have hacked into your blogger account and there is no turning back now,

Fortunately, your password wasn't too difficult.

and, I could be wrong,

but I dont think so...

when I speak on behalf of your readership,

and state,

that we would love it if you shared witty, thoughtful, and usually cryptic commentaries with us.

Thank you,

Your favorite daughter,


P.S. (bonus!) :

Lines from my diary, June 14, 1994:

"i love my mom she is sweet when i kiss her i fill her love as speshly when she hugs"


Olivia Carter said...


Merf said...


James said...

Haxxor skillz lollolololol !!11!!!

Christie said...

She's right, you know!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...

Listen to your loving hacker, we miss your posts!

Michelle said...

Who am I to nag you about blogging when I hardly ever blog myself, but you ARE much wittier that I am and it is ever so enjoyable to read your musings.

PS--You have clever kids.