this is me now


calm down

I havent gone anywhere....well thats not october and november i've been:

springfield, missouri
el paso
houston (twice)
san antonio (3 times)
austin (twice)
richardson, tx
little rock, ark
indianapolis, in
norman, ok
oklahoma city, ok

i've performed for more than 1500 people....seen probably 150 + marching band shows....
been a great month.
and now....a i will blog...oh, yes....i will blog.....i have opinions....things have happened and you'll want to hear about them all! i've been taking pictures anticipating me blogging....
i appreciate the encouragement of my lovely daughter, lyric....isnt she a doll!
so i didnt really go anywhere---but i've been everywhere, man. (you are humming it now, arent you!)


Olivia Carter said...

Wow, you are quite the jet setter Aunt Meredith!

Mother of the Wild Boys said...


Lyric said...

I didn't even write that! yay :)

Merritt said...

"so I didn't go anywhere -but I was everywhere" genius.

Christie said...

Glad to see you back!

Michelle said...

Thank heavens!