this is me now


i will

i will not be offended no one commented on my previous post
i will not be offended no one commented
i will not be offended
i will not be


Olivia Carter said...

Oh gosh! I HATE it when no one comments on a blog post. It happens to me ALL the time and it's especially worse when you think it's something totally cool that people SHOULD have commented one.

Looks like you had some great travels this summer!

Michelle said...

I've come to learn that there are definitely a lot more people who are reading my blog than actually comment on it. Most of the time I'm at peace with it, but I do understand the frustration of not having people comment especially when it's a post that is important to you.

Merf said...

....thanks...and what a pathetic plea for attention!

Lyric said...

post post post post post.

ive been reading...and i think the problem with your last post is that you SAID there would be pictures and then there were NONE...i am still recovering from the shock of that.

my last ten blogs are 0,0,0,0! i guess thats what happens when you fall off the map for awhile! even your own madre forgets you! *tears*

Christie said...

Sorry. Been busy with "travels" of my own. Down in South Texas (North Mexico) now. Starting to get caught up on all I missed, but will probably miss some more as I'm transitioning from the "baby don't you dare come yet" mindset to realizing that it'll be ok for him to come before I know it.

Katie said...

Maybe we are bitter that you came through Charlotte and didn't see us ;o)
TOTALLY KIDDING!!! Glad you have had a great summer.

djeppson said...

I forget that you blog while you travel. Love your blogs. Love you!